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China Best Sales EK series helical-bevel gear motor with Best Sales

1 Performance Characteristics
Systematic and modular design;Transmiss­ion ratio with fine stage covers a wide range.
High efficiency; Low energy consumption; Superior performance.
High Precision gearwith teeth grinding;Sta­ble transmission; Low noise; Strong bearing capacity; Long Service life.
Deft design: Small volume; Simple Installa­的n; Wide usage.
Suitable for all kinds of mounting positions
EK .. and ERF .. conjoined combination for special low speed.
2 Material
Housing: High strength cast iron HT250, die casting lumen, reduce the abrasion of parts.
Gears: 20CrMo, Carbonitriding, Teeth hard­ness: HRC 60 after grinding.
Flat keys: C45, Surface hardness: HRC 50.
3 Gear Unit Efficiency
High precision gear; seals; bearings;Effecti­vely reduces friction; Stage efficiency of ge­ar drive reaches 97%.
For some ways of mounting, the input gear is completely immersed in the lubricant, please consider the churning loss when it comes to big frame size and high input speed .

China Custom EPRV WORM GEAR REDUCER near me shop

Descriptions of EPRV Worm Gearbox

EPRV worm gearbox adopts a “square box” structure and adopts a large-good quality aluminum alloy casting box. It has a gorgeous visual appeal, modest volume, quick warmth dissipation, and adaptable installation. The complete machine adopts higher-top quality bearing transmission areas and seals to ensure longevity and no leakage. A lot more importantly, the worm equipment pair adopts precision machining and precision meshing detection to ensure the harmony of equipment transmission, lower-temperature increase, reduced sounds, higher efficiency, and long services lifestyle. In addition, the enter and output factors of the EPRV worm gearbox are precision machined, and the complete device is rust-free of charge and large-grade. Geared up with a worm gear reducer, the output velocity can be adjusted beneath the load to attain step-significantly less variable velocity output. The producing normal of the EPRV worm gearbox is based on the countrywide standard GBl0085-88 cylindrical worm to make certain outstanding overall performance.

Rewards of EPRV Worm Gearbox

  • Fast quit perform

For a general equipment reducer, it takes 5 to 10 seconds for the end time, but for the EPRV series, the cease point out could be reached in only 2 to 5 seconds.

  • High basic safety

The EPRV worm gearbox adopts a various way in comparison to the conventional 1 in that it doesn’t need to have the sprocket and pulley. What is more, the transmission composition is not exposed, so the injuries of the operator could be diminished.

  • Very good security

Quality IP55 is adopted, which has good isolation for dust and humidity.

  • Exceptional thermal conductivity

The EPRV worm equipment is outfitted with cooling ribs so that the entire body has exceptional thermal conductivity and low temperature-climbing.

  • Prolonged services daily life

The worm gearbox operates effortlessly with low sounds, which is suited for long-term speak to work in harsh environments.


The EPRV worm gearboxes are commonly used in the automation sector, industrial robots, aerospace, CNC device tools, metallurgical mining, beer and beverage, tobacco light sector, environmental engineering, warehousing logistics, plastics machinery, lifting transportation, a few-dimensional parking, car manufacturing, textiles, foodstuff, ceramics, and other fields.

Operating conditions

  1. The EPRV worm gearbox has great versatility and is utilised with numerous mechanical gear.
  2. A bigger transmission ratio could be accomplished by a solitary-phase transmission. Most types of pace reducers have a excellent self-locking capability, and mechanical units with braking requirements can save braking units.
  3. The meshing friction reduction of the worm screw enamel and the floor of the worm equipment tooth is massive, so the transmission effectiveness need to be decrease than that of the equipment.
  4. The EPRV worm gearbox has substantial specifications for lubrication and cooling.


  1. Before use, remember to verify that the turbine reducer and the mechanical safety supporting strength are inside of the secure range of the functionality parameters of the reducer.
  2. The turbine gearbox has been filled with WA460 lubricant at the factory. After four hundred hrs of procedure, the lubricant ought to be replaced. The oil modify cycle is about 4000 hours later.
  3. The reducer casing human body need to keep adequate lubricating oil, and regularly examine the quantity of oil.
  4. Stay away from injury to the gearbox induced by sharp shaft harm brought on by sharp products
  5. Examine the path of rotation prior to putting in the equipment.
  6. Established a basic safety include, and so on., in the rotation region.

Sign of Model Quantities of EPRV Worm Gearbox

Catalog of EPRV Worm Gearbox

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Why choose us

1. Wide assortment of reducers

Our firm delivers the widest range of normal and customized solutions for apps in motion management and mechanical transmission. We supply precision inline planetary gearboxes and right angle planetary gearboxes, 90 degree correct angle servo motor gearboxes, harmonic travel gearboxes, RV reducers for robots, ground precision racks, and pinions, servo motors, stepper motors, brushless motor,s, etc. The company can also supply worm gear reducers, equipment motors, screw jacks, steering gears, and other associated reducer gearboxes and equipment. This signifies you can get what you want appropriate right here and reward from our 1-stop services, conserving you time and money.

two. Eye-catching value and best manufacturer good quality

We provide our buyers really desirable costs with excellent top quality. In contrast with other companies’ gearboxes, our precision planetary gearboxes feature low backlash (2-8 arcmin), large effectiveness (≥95%), and minimal noise (60dBA). All servo gearboxes produced by our well-known brand will be strictly inspected and examined before leaving the factory. In addition, we give consumers with a one particular-12 months warranty and life time soon after-sales services.

three. All-spherical expert technical assistance

Do not be concerned if you don’t know how to decide on the proper transmission for your device. We have a specialist technological crew to serve you. As long as you stick to our methods, you are going to know how to decide on the proper dimensions. After picking the matching gearbox for your motor, we will send out you the corresponding CAD drawing for your inspection to steer clear of any mistakes. We also provide 24-hour specialized assistance if you have any other issues that want urgent resolution.

4. Provide tailored support

If you want a personalized gearbox for a exclusive software, we can give custom services according to your requirements. We will offer you with reputable, substantial-efficiency customized gearboxes from modest to big output torques. You should notify our product sales engineer your in depth needs and all the essential dimensions you want. The much more information you supply us, the more suited we can design a personalized transmission for you.

5. Fast delivery time

For most of the standard reducers, we have adequate inventory, which can be delivered to consumers in a quite limited time, resolve the issue of urgent alternative of ruined gearboxes on operating machines, and help save fees for buyers. Also, if a customer needs a gearbox of a specified dimensions urgently and we do not have it in stock, we can arrange priority creation, especially for you.

six. Alternate options to branded reducers

Most of our Precision Gearboxes can flawlessly match and exchange Apex Gearboxes, Dawn Gearboxes, Shimpo Gearboxes, Neugart Gearboxes, SPG Gearboxes, and Harmonic Generate Gearboxes, Boston Gearboxes, Bonfiglioli Gearboxes, and so forth. Merchandise variety. High top quality and low cost, 3F reducers, particularly the planetary gearbox and the harmonic generate equipment, are warmly welcomed by clients all above the globe.

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