planetary gearhead

Our gearheads incorporate Ever-Vitality gearing for high torque potential planetary gearhead together with smooth and quiet procedure. Ever-Power gearheads are well suited for use in great precision action control applications which require a great torque to quantity ratio, high torsional stiffness, and low backlash. Our gearheads are lubricated forever without maintenance required. Through new technologies, improved patterns and improved mounting options, we now offer the largest collection of planetary gearheads in the world. We strive to have a remedy for every customer application. With our large selection of ratios, our buyers be capable of reduce speed, enhance torque or match inertias to provide a stable and handled servo system.

Our product offering includes Helical Crowned Ever-Ability gearheads with the Ever-Power and Ever-Electrical power for applications that require high torque and precision. We’ve economical gearhead options with the Ever-Power product line together with dual and hollow shaft gearheads with the Ever-Power. We also deliver complete gearmotors offering our industry-leading Ever-Ability Series servo motors preassem bled to a choice of Gearheads.
Planetary Gearheads
Their robust construction help to make the planetary gearheads, in blend with Ever-Power DC-Micromotors, ideal for high torque, powerful applications.
For applications requiring medium to excessive torque Ever-Power presents planetary gearheads constructed of high performance plastics.
Their robust construction generate the planetary gearheads, in combo with Ever-Power DC-Micromotors, suitable for high torque, high performance applications. In most cases, the geartrain of the suggestions stage is made of plastic to keep sound levels only possible at higher rate. All steel type gears as well as a modified lubrication are available for applications requiring very high torque, vacuum, or higher temperature compatability.
For applications requiring method to high torque Ever-Power presents planetary gearheads constructed of powerful plastics. They are best solutions for applications where low pounds and huge torque density enjoy a decisive part. The gearhead is mounted to the motor with a threaded flange to ensure a solid fit.

Small motors and integrated motors with pre-assembled planetary gearboxes
True planetary design
Precision cut gears
All steel construction for long life
Excessive torque and precise positioning
Miniature design for make use of with small motors
Exceptional for increasing torque and inertia matching in a tiny size
Perfect for use with small stage motors and TSM11 StepSERVO integrated motors
Small But RuggedSmall But Rugged
PH Mini Gearheads are designed to be used with small step motors and StepSERVO motors in the NEMA 8, 11 and 14 frame sizes. The miniature design of the PH gearheads permits these gearheads to be paired with little motors without adversely affecting the outside measurements of the combined gearmotor. PH Mini Gearheads are offered in three frame sizes: 22, 28 and 35 mm.
22 mm PH gearhead mounts to NEMA 8 step motors
28 mm PH gearhead mounts to NEMA 11 step motors and TSM11 StepSERVO integrated motors
35 mm PH gearhead mounts to NEMA 14 step motors